FREE SHIPPING - NEOCUBE by - SET 216pcs NICKEL $10.83 with the new YEAR 2011 moves the site from to EXTRAMAGNET.COM. This new page allows to offer more new products to the customer, different kinds of magnets as rod, disc, cube, magnetic hooks and many others. EXTRAMAGNET.COM continues in work of

history as an internet shop starts selling Neocube and different kinds of the magnets specially neodymium spheres from which is composed every Neocube in November 2009. In a very short time due to the good service and price this site is becoming more and more popular. always tries to offer interesting products to the customer as for example special edition of NeoCube made of super strong N48 sphere magnet with chrome coating. also takes care of the shipping of the magnets and offers door-to-door express service for free. photos gallery

23.12.2010 revised 28.12.2010

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