neocube vs cybercube

The Neo Cube vs The CyberCube

In this article we will compare two brand which main market is USA ( United State of America ). The first is The Neo Cube by Strong Force Inc. representative by Christopher Reda webpage domain registered 2007-05-19 and the second is The CyberCube by Neodox, LLC by Nicholas Powell webpage domain registered 19-06-2008.

From this article you will understand more which options you should take care with other brands too as BuckyBalls, Zen Magnets, MagCube, EuroCube, NeonCube, Neo Fun Cube, BuckyBall, Dr. Bucky, etc. for this puzzle magnet toy.

diameter - sphere size of neocube vs cybercube

The CyberCube blue box packing

The NeoCube diameter is 3/16" inch i.e. 4.7625mm vs Cyber Cube which is 6mm for the blue color box packing. The CyberCube packing in tin containers and green box have in this time same size as neocube i.e. 4.7625mm. The size about 5mm or more is already very easy to manipulate with the magnet balls. For the smaller size as 3mm or 4mm it can be little difficulty and need be more patient. Our recommendation is buy minimum size 3/16" inch i.e. 4.7625mm, this size is world wide most popular size.

packing neocube vs cybercube

The NeoCube original which is composed with 216 pcs magnet balls come in blistr packing. The Cybercube is packing in small color box.

coating neocube vs cybercube

Both brand use nickel coating, which is popular because of excelent resistance against humidity.

other market for neocube and cybercube

NeoCube vs Rubik's Cube

The magnet puzzle is selling all over the world and is difficulty compare the difference. The local seller almost order the product directly from China which is production source to whole world. You can meet following difference :

  • diameter : 3mm, 4mm, 4.7mm, 4.8mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm
  • packing : bulk packing in opp back, vacum sheet packing - suitable for eshop and bubble envelope shipping, color box packing, steel box packing, bottle packing
  • color : black, silver, nickel, gold, grey, red, each color offer different quality of coating because is made with different technology, for example for the gold it can be use some yellow which is not so stable and can be easy scratch or the gold is real gold which offer higher quality
  • coating / plating thickness : 1-25 Microns, different coating with different thickness offer different humidity resistance
  • grade : N35, N38, N40 ... magnet sphere from which is composed this magnet gadget are made of Neodymium magnets. All this magnets are graded by the material they are made of. More higher number following the N means more stronger the magnet is. Currently the highest grade which is avaible on the market is N55. If the neodymium-iron-boron ( NdFeB, NIB, Neo magnet) magnets are too much strong or weak they will not work as well as puzzle. Too much strong the puzzle becoming cumbersome.

Always before you buy take care this, there can be big difference in the specification.
31.10.2009 update 02.11.2009

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