neocube vs buckyballs

buckyballs vs neocube

So what you think which is better to order neocube or buckyballs and which will be winner of this match neocube vs buckyballs? Neocube is already established on market very well and Buckyballs is new brand which is developet by Jake Bronstein from Maxfield & Oberton company.

buying neocube and buckyballs

From each brand we order one set i.e. one set of The NeoCube Alpha which original price is $24.95 USD and one set of Buckyballs which original price is $29.95.

The original eshop of The NeoCube Alpha is located on the web page End of the year 2009 the eshop redesign their web page, use more flash and try to make it more fashion then the old web page. Ordering process on this page for us was very difficulty. Loading the page it need waiting long time after the video on the first page come and you can skip it out.

The BuckyBalls we order from E-shop is more friendly and looks more better. Ordering process was very quickly and fine. In this shop was very easy use the discount code BUCKFRIEND, so we reducuce the price to $23.96 USD. For The NeoCube Alpha even we try long time looking for some discount code we can not get code which work. In old e-shop of neocube work very well URCOOL2. In booth eshop we chose payment throught paypal. We try found some paypal free shipping, but both shop charge as small shipping fee.

We place the order to the shop at same time. The neocube come in 5days to our address in the USA friendly speaking for the order shiped local we wait that the delivery time will be more quickly, but finaly 5days is not bad compare with the Buckyballs. The Buckyballs we get after 12days. Don't know what was the reason that the expedition need so long time. Maybe Jack is not strong eunght to packing all parcel and need more staff :-), hard to say. In this process we must say that neocube is better. The goods was deliver very quickly and payment throught paypal was safety.

neocube alpha

packing neocube and buckyballs

The NeoCube Alpha packing is in blistr with paper card inside. There is 216pcs + 8pcs free spare spheres. Buckyballs come in nice gift box with beautifull orange carrying case. Each packing contain simple instruction manual.

coating neocube vs BuckyBalls

Both brand are made in China from neodymium material and excelent nickel coating. They surface is protected by shiny resilient surface with anti-bacterial properties. Coating of the neodymium magnet is very important for they protection.

spheres size of neocube vs BuckyBalls

Buckyballs spheres size is exactly 5mm. The size is little bigger then the NeoCube Alpha which dimater size is 4.8mm, exactly it is 3/16" inch i.e. 4.7625mm. The size of the balls is very important more bigger size offer you more easy to manipulate with the magnet spheres and make more easy some nice shape. Minimum size which we recommand is size 3/16" inch i.e. 4.7625mm which is world wide most popular size. The difference between BuckyBalls and Neocube is only 0.2375mm.

So which will next strong player on the market as BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres for this magnetic puzzle? Maybe Nanodots, who know...

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