neocube shapes

NeoCube Shapes

Make some nice shapes or just simply cube is not so easy as you think. It need time and training which will make you more experienced with this unique magnet toy. Try start with simply shape and as time goes on try to develop more unique shapes. Later you will know how to make loads of different and unique patterns. The NeoCube is very valuable magnet toy - magnet gadget. Few minuts is eunght to create simple shapes, but not eunght to create all possible patterns and 3D / theree dimensional objects. You will spend hours of your time to trying make more random shapes and patterns.

how to make neocube shapes

To make cool shapes it need training. Start with simple neocube shapes as hexagon or triangle. Connect more triangle together and you can make a ball. Also with simple shapes as an chain you can make a cube. Step by step try to make more complex neocube shapes. Training make the master.

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27.10.2009 update 27.12.2010

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