neocube review

NeoCube review magnet toy Neo Cube

This is not normaly review, just we wanna introduce this unique puzzle to you. Of course on the begining you can be unsure how can be magnet ball good puzzle, but after you can try to play not only with one ball but with 216 pcs from which is original neocube composed you will found that it is the best magnet puzzle which you had in your hand. As I know all people like play with magnet. The invisible power of magnetism is very fascinating alredy from kids age. The Neo Cube offer more then other magnetic game as for example singing magnet whic you can found as buzz magnet. This is very cool gadget but don't offer so much solution as neocube.

The NeoCube is set which is composed of 216 pcs high energy neodymium magnets sphere. The number of balls offer you to make a cube which size is 6x6x6 but it is just begining. NeoCube is not one solution puzzle, but there is nearly infinite of objects which are 2D / two dimensional as different patterns and 3D / three dimensional shapes that can be made.

In this review we can not describe very well how the magent neocube puzzle is unique and enjoyable toy. It's can be write very difficulty, the best way is check some shapes and patterns or watch some video, for example here on this page.

When I saw first time neocube I was very skeptical of this toy, but after I playing and playing with this unique puzzle and found the way how to create some pattern or just only the cube which looks so simply but to make it it is little difficulty, I can agree that it is a best puzzle which I had in my hand. We highly recommend to you purchase the NeoCube today and just try yourself. It need to say that play with neocube have more benefits as brain stimulation, ability to alleviate stress, knowledge benefits and many more.

Wish this small neocube review was for you little usefull.

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