neocube how to make cube

So you already get your magnets puzzle neocube and wanna know how to make a original beautiful magic cube?

First what you need to do make from your bunch of magnets one long line. You can make different cube depend how many magnet spheres you have. We will try to make the cube which contain 216 pcs small magnetic balls i.e. 6x6x6.

Second step take the start or the end of the line and fold it by six. You need finishd completly line to make a sheet which size will be 6x36.

In this third finaly step we will make the neo cube. Put your sheet 6x36 to the desk or you can try to make it in your hand. Fold the first six by six square in so you will now have 2 six by six squares on top of each other and you can continue remake this step again and again after you will have completly cube.

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05.03.2010 update 16.01.2011

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