neocube designs

neocube designs

NeoCube magnets toy you can compose to many different unique Neocube designs, because each set of Neocube contain many magnet spheres and depend on you which set you will like to buy. There are alpha, omega, mini and value pack, each set contain different quantity of strong magnet spheres. To create more interesting designs you can also buy different color. Avaible are nickel coating and gold coating. Of course you can buy more different color as black, blue, red and silver, but it need shopping in professional shop. When you will shopping buy some additional spares sphere too, because sometime happen that you can lost this magic magnet sphere and will need some for more. NeoCube is suitable as an gift. If you wanna be original take a neocube make some cute design packing this design back to gift box and you can give this as an original gift. Make more gifts to all your family member and friends. If you wanna save some cost, just make for examle from one NeoCube Alpha which contain 216 spheres many small designs.

On the internet you can found many photo and video of different neocube designs for your inspiration. You can try to make same design which can looks like as an pyramid, triangle, cube or just make same simple shapes and patterns. For large construction you will maybe need check some faq or manual to understand more how to make it. NeoCube offer unlimited solutions and with your personaly imagination you can create your originaly design.

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