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The NeoCube Alpha NeoCube

The Neo Cube Alpha is a puzzle that has no solution or it is a puzzle with billions of solutions? Both is correct. The NeoCube Alpha is original item of shop, which is selling this toy in the U.S. - United States. It is set which contain 216 pcs magnetic metal ball bearings + 8 pcs as bonus balls if some is lost. Total you will get in the packing 224 pcs spheres from which you can make cube 6x6x6 + 8pcs spare spheres. This magnetic puzzle is perfect for gaming, great stress buster, dual hemispherical brain stimulation, boredom busting and much more. You can make any shape you want, cube, pyramid or any other object as you like. You will see it's almost impossible to put it down. If you want to aim for some sort of goal try to make them into a cube. You will see it is not so easy as you would think. You definitely get quicker, the more you practice. The NeoCube Alpha we recommended as a great gift for Christmas.

Neocube Alpha you can buy in many countries as U.S., U.K. and if you order in some shop which is shipping worldwide as for example Amazon you can get your Neocube magnets directly to your home even you living in Australia, South Africa, Brazil or any other country. Each set of Neocube have simple instructions. If you will need help to make some shapes or you interesting check some tricks try to visit youtube and check some video. Also review of this product on the internet sometime contain some link or photo to nice shapes, which can be good for inspiration.

neocube alpha size

Size of magnetic spheres of Neocube Alpha is 3/16" inch i.e. 4.7625mm / 4.8mm.

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05.11.2009 update 17.02.2011

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