neo magnets

neo magnets

Neo magnets are permanent super strong magnet made from neodymium iron boron. Neo magnets are type of rare earth magnet. These super strong neodymium magnets are mainly produced in China, Zhejiang province. Neo magnets are available in different size, strength, surface coating, temperature resistance and shape. Most common shapes are discs, rods, blocks, cubes, rings and balls. Each shape can have different application.

Neodymium magnets are arround us. You can found such kind of the magnets in each electric motor. Neo magnets balls are popular in different kind of the toy as for example Neocube puzzle toy. Also small balls and rings can be used as an jewelry and other neo magnets can demonstrate levitation.

neo magnets balls

Most popular application of neo magnets balls is Neocube puzzle toy. Kids like such toy which offer to create different construction.

neo magnets for sale

If you looking for neo magnets for sale and you wanna buy such strong magnets so it is not important from which country you are as for example Canada, Australia, Philippines, Pakistan, UK, Germany, Egypt or India. Neo magnets are manufacturing in China. China have many manufacturer which produce different kind of the magnets as cube, ring, ball, sphere, block, disc, rod and many others. So if you looking for some suppliers of neo magnets, try to check some China supplier and make good deal. In China are many wholesale supplier also too.

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