neo cube instructions

The best way to understand how to assemble the neocube is watch some video instruction or check the picture instructions. Description by text is sometime difficulty to understand well how to make some shape, patterns and other objects. On the begining is better start with simple objects as triangles and hexigons. Later you can try to connect more triangles or hexagons together and make some more interesting patterns. Each ball has two poles + - ... one side repels, the other attracts. Neocube is all about fun and require little more than kneading them in your hands. When you are ready for something more advanced though, you will need to know a few basics ...

the neo cube - Off The Chain

All shapes start with a chain. Grab a single ball from the clump and pull gently. Go ahead and try, we'll wait. Start with a chain and wrap it around your finger.NeoCube off the chain

the neo cube - The Triangle

Time to make a triangle. Start with a chain of 9 balls. Connect the ends to make a loop. Then, pinch the edges. 20 triangles make a sphere.NeoCube the triangle

the neo cube - Hexagon!

You'll need a string of 18 balls to make hexagon. Fold the first 6 into a loop, then wrap the remaining 12 around the outside. 12 hexagons make up this puppy.NeoCube hexagon

neo cube instruction video

More information as an video instruction you can found for example on the youtube or other video server. Search for neocube or other name for this puzzle as BuckyBalls, CyberCube, MagCube.
27.10.2009 update 10.11.2009

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