magnet cube

magnet cube

Magnet cube is original cube which is composed of 216pcs neodymium magnets sphere. This toy is selling worldwide under different name as NeoCube. Original idea of this toy is very simple, but if you don't have any experience with this toy and with such magnets you will be on the begining little flustrated. Even make simple cube will cost you over an hour. Try more time make the cool magnet cube until it became second nature for you. If you need some help with your NeoCube you can watch and study some youtube videos and finally you will get your NeoCube. Repeat it and later it became very easy to perform.

Building the other patterns and shapes using pentagons and triangles is more easy and can probably be achieved after viewing other people creating them on video from youtube. Just search NeoCube magnets. Patience is always good to have when you start building your NeoCube magnet cube. Buy more sets of NeoCube magnets which will allow you create large sculptures. Fast shipping and a good product you can get directly from China where these magnets produce such brand as NeoCube. Highly recommended.

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