ebay neocube

ebay neocube

If you try to found neocube on the you will get only few items as NeoCube Alpha - Neodymium Magnet Puzzle 216 +8 spheres, NeoCube CubeTastic Value Pack 251 magnetic spheres, NeoCube Omega - Magnet Ball Puzzle 1000 +27 spheres. All these products on Ebay are from one seller cubert216, which is Top-rated seller - Official Seller on eBay, Beware of Imitators. The seller location is Daisytown, Pennsylvania, United States. This seller - Christopher Reda also have registered trademark for Neocube and it is the reason why the ebay allow him to complain and delete other offers form other sellers. cubert216 as an seller which is located in the USA is suitable for local USA purchase of the Neocube. With shipping to abroad he don't have large experience, because he use only USPS, which have in some countries good service but in some other countries very very poor service and need use different express shipping company as UPS, FEDEX, DHL.

I am very dissatisfied Buyer: Member id sonasonasona
Reply by cubert216 (Dec-02-11 07:18): Package was lost in transit. Money was refunded. We no longer ship to Armenia.

Ware wurde bezahlt aber nicht geliefert > Ebaykäuferschutz > Geld zurück Buyer:Member id svenneu
Reply by cubert216 (Sep-20-11 07:35): We issued a refund because this package was lost in transit to Germany,

If you like buy Neocube on ebay, try search for different keyword as sphere magnet, magnet balls, neo magnetics

You will get lot of items from different sellers as for example :
New 5mm Bucky Sphere Magnet Magnetic Balls Puzzle Cube Toy Free Gift Box
New Magnetic Magnet Balls Beads Sphere Puzzle Cube Magic Funny Toy 216 + Box 5mm
216 Sphere Cube Magnet Magnetic Balls Beads Puzzle Fun Magic Toy Gift +Gift Box
~5mm~ Magnetic Balls Neo Rare Magnets Spheres Puzzle 216 pc Neodimium Cube Toy
Neo 3MM 216 Magnetic Balls Magnet Cube Magnets Gift Box
5mm Neodymium Magnetic Balls Sphere Magnet Puzzle Cube Toy Free Gift Box
Magnodots Black 216 Magnet Balls
216 Bucky Magnet Balls Beads Sphere Cube Puzzle US Fast

You can also try different ebay pages as,,


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