neocube magnet puzzle toy - powerful neodymium magnets the neo cube!

NeoCube Nickel Black Silver Gold Blue Red

Neocube is a totally original toy composed of magnetic balls which can be pulled, shaped, snapped, and molded together in unlimited ways. Neocube as an original gift doesn't cost too much and can be enjoyable for a long time.

These unique neocube magnetic balls you can also get under different names as Buckyballs, Zen Magnets, Nanodots, Cybercube, Magcube, The Neo Cube, Neoxcube, NeoCubix, Eurocube, neoClicks, Cubognetic.

Different brands of the product, but always composed of powerful neodymium magnet spheres. These small neo magnet balls have strong invisible energy which allows you to create and recreate different patterns, shapes and other objects. The Neo Cube magnetic balls originally contains 216 magnet balls. Under different names you can find different quantities of the magnetic balls as for example 216 for the original neocube, 27 / 64 / 125 / 224 / 251 / 1027. More magnets allow you to create different 2D, 3D objects, shapes, patterns and other constructions. With the Neocube you can enjoy unlimited fun not only at home, but with the friends or in your office with co-workers too.

Explore your creativity and construction skills with these super magnets made of neodymium. If you are not sure how to play with the NeoCube magnets or you wanna see some neocube tricks check some video or some wonderfull photos. In the beginning you can start with the original NeoCube which is composed of 216 balls. Try to make some simple objects as Triangle, Hexagon, Chain. Try to make the original cube from your NeoCube magnets. 216 pcs balls can make cube 6x6x6. Buy more neocubes sets in a bulk quantity to make large patterns, shapes and different sculptures. Don't forget that when you buy more neocubes for some discount coupon or when you buy them directly in a bulk economy packing - unboxing then you will save.

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It is not important where you will buy the NeoCube. If it will be in some country as Canada, India, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, UK, Ireland or in some city as London, Delhi, Dublin. You can buy it from local retail stores or order it on an internet shop. Bulk NeoCube you can buy from wholesaler or from factory. From different brands as BuckyBalls, Nanodots, Zen Magnets you will get different packing of magnets. But the magnets are always made in China. Original source of neodymium magnets.

Most common on the market are Neocube magnets made of neodymium N35. Nickel coating with the diameter size 5mm.

  • neocube diameter size : 4.8mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm
  • neocube colors : nickel, black, silver, gold, blue, red
  • neocube grade : N35, N35, N40, N42, N45, N48, N52
  • neocube coating : Ni-Cu-Ni, Ni-Cu-Ni-Cr / nickel, copper, chrome

Different size, color and grade of the material means also a different price. On this page we will bring you information about different technology of coating. We will introduce different brands of this puzzle game and their different shops.
15.12.2010 revised 27.12.2010

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